About Us

It all started in Sicily, where owner/founder Anna was born. She grew up eating and making authentic Sicilian and Italian pastries with her family. When she moved to New York City, at a young age. She lived and worked in the famous Bronx neighborhood of "Little Italy". Years later she is keeping the tradition alive and still doing what she does best - making stunning cakes and delicious pastries!

Anna's Bakery has been a Rockland County institution since 1986. Anna took sole ownership over the business in 2001, which is female owned and operated to this day. Throughout the years the bakery has transformed from a small town bakery into a nationally known establishment. Anna's bakery prides itself for keeping tradition alive while being able adapt to new techniques in baking.

We have served and catered to numerous families for years. Anna's bakery is a staple in Rockland County, and is a part of so many peoples lives. From birthdays to christenings, engagements to weddings, graduations to anniversaries, and so many more occasions, Anna’s Bakery has helped make all of them a special and sweet occasion!